Conference Program:

To do our part to help save our planet PISA has decided to not print out our packets, but instead an electronic program can be downloaded. Click on the link below to get your PISACO18 Program.

PISA5 (Download the program here)

Conference Schedule!

Check out the schedule below for Friday and Saturday. The schedule is subject to change


4PM-5:30PM NASCC 110 Registration
5:30pm-5:45PM NASCC 110 Presentation of Gifts to NASCC
5:45pm-7:10pm: Session 1
NASCC 110 Lilian Ongelungel Marked by Matriarchs: Women in the Pasifika Tattoo Revival
NASCC 170 Joe Enlet Pacific Islander Advocacy and Policy strategies
NASCC 180 Roz Guerrero and Kaina Barba Healing Circles
NASCC 150 Makerusa Porotesano Oppression 101
7:15pm-7:30pm NASCC 110 Dinner
7:30pm – 7:45pm NASCC Opening Remarks
7:45pm-9pm NASCC 100 Talanoa – Jes Phillip
9pm: NASCC 110 Day one closing


(doors open at 7am) 8:00 AM NASCC 110 Breakfast/ Check in Light Breakfast
8:30AM-10AM Session 1 4 sessions
NASCC 110 – Cap 170 Makerusa Porotesano Navigating PISACON18
NASCC 150 – Cap 20 Roz Guerrero Internalized racism
NASCC 170 – Cap 30 Johanna Working Title
NASCC 180 – Cap 20 Irene Nideo Personal Finance 101
10AM-10:30AM NASCC 110 Morning Tea – Sua Fa’i/Koko Laisa/Panikeke Sponsored by EFKAS Mafutaga Tina- Portland
10:30AM-12PM Session 2 4 sessions
NASCC 110 – Cap 170 Dr. Vui Asiata Toeutu Faaleava Fa’aMatai
NASCC 150 – Cap 20 Virginia Luka Quality over Quantity
NASCC 170 – Cap 30 Dr. Alma Trinidad Filipino and Identify Politics: Pacific Islander, SE Asian, and/or Latino?
NASCC 180 – Cap 20 Kaina Barba Language Revitalization
12PM-1:30PM Lunch/Talanoa with Fenton Lutunatabua  Food brought to us by J-Linas and chef Johnstone of FSM/Palau
1:30-3PM Session 3
NASCC 110 – Cap 170 Dr. Danaiel Eisen Am I local?
NASCC 150 – Cap 20 Toka Valu Art and storytelling
NASCC 170 – Cap 30 Manumalo Ala’ilima & UTOPIA PDX Intersections of LGBTQ and Pacific Islander
NASCC 180 – Cap 20 Jes Phillip  Traveling With a Purpose
3pm-4pm: NASCC 110 Afternoon Tea  Shaved Ice and hurricane popcorn
4PM-5:30PM Session 4 4 sessions
NASCC 110 – Cap 170 Fenton Lutunatabua Pacific Climate Warriors
NASCC 150 – Cap 20 Lilian Ongelungel Island Soldiers: A Glimpse of US Military Influence in Micronesia
NASCC 170 – Cap 30 Will Nu’utupu Giles First Contact: Poems of Culture and Introduction
NASCC 180 – Cap 20 Justin Sipoloa and Simeon Jacob Community Organizing
5:30PM-6:30PM Break
6:30PM-8PM NASCC 110 Dinner/Talent Show
8PM-9PM NASCC 110 Talanoa with Will Giles
9:00 PM NASCC 110 Closing Words and Thank You!

Conference Hotels in the area:

There are plenty of Motels and Hotels in the area of Portland State. We offer the following recommendation(s) for the conference.

University Place Hotel:  310 SW LINCOLN STREET,
PORTLAND, OR 972011. –866.845.4647

If you choose to use University Place, contact Mak at for possible discounted rooms. As of now, the room very affordable and a discount will not be necessary, but space is limited.

Registration is for membership schools is open. Those schools are the following:

Portland State University, Oregon State University, University of Oregon, Clark College, Washington State University of Vancouver, Pacific University, University of Portland and

See the list of names below for your contact person to register for the PISA 2018 Conference.

  • PSU: Makerusa Porotesano
  • OSU: Reagan Le & Robin Fifita
  • UO: Chris Young and Kris Galago
  • Clark and WSUV: Kaina Derwin
  • Pacific: Dr. Daniel Eisen
  • University of Portland: Irene Nideo (Alumni):
  • UW: Toka Valu

PISA Registration

General Registration will open to non-member schools tomorrow Jan. 19th 2018. The process for registration for general students will be posted tomorrow on this webpage. To register you must:

  1. Be currently enrolled at a college/university with an .edu e-mail account.
  2. Attend the entire conference (Accommodation will be made after an agreement is made with PISA coordinators).
  3. Have housing and travel accommodations if you are coming in from out of town. The registration is free, but your housing and travel cost are not covered. We want to ensure our students are supported and safe during their stay in Portland. Contact if you are looking for support and we’ll see what we can find. We’ll try our best No guarantees.

Registration is open to anybody who meets these standards. Conference is open to anyone!

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