Makerusa Porotesano 2

PISA (co)founder and current coordinator Makerusa Porotesano M.Ed. return to Portland in 2016 after leaving Oregon in 2010.

PISA Oregon started in 2007 and formed out of Portland State University when student leaders looked to improve relationships and representation between Pacific Islander Student Groups. In short time PSU connected with Oregon State’s Polynesian Cultural Club and representatives from the University of Portland. For its first year PISA made great strides and created a lot of momentum.

In 2008, the founder of PISA left to Hawaii and PISA went on a brief break. However in early 2009,  Makerusa Porotesano decided to postpone his masters to fulfill the dreams of PISA. Then in 2009-2010 PISA has extended its membership to Eastern Oregon, University of Oregon, Portland Community College, Mt. Hood Community College, Portland State, Oregon State and University of Portland.

On January 15th and 16th of 2010, PISA had their first Conference at Portland Community College (Sylvania Campus). It was a successful event, where students from all over the state were able to gather and meet. The Conference covered topics such as health, culture, and music. Soteria Moli was the President of PISA in 2010

On February 25th and 26th of 2011, PISA celebrated our second annual Conference at the University of Portland.  We celebrated with music, at food from familiar and new cultures and made friends from all over the Northwest.  The Conference held workshops that covered stereotypes, cultural conflict, significance of tattoos, economy, and more.  We were also fortunate enough to show two documentaries, “Unnatural Causes” and “Living Pono”. Fipe Havea was the President of PISA in 2011.

New Leaders of PISA

PISA  meeting at MHCC in 2009

PISA 2015- Present

PISA Group Shot

PISA Students in 2017 at Portland State’s PIAAA Student Center

After a brief break, PISA returned to host two forums with the Asian Pacific American Network of Oregon in 2015 & 2016. After another break and a restructure of leadership and mission, PISA is now ready to host its first event in two years (PISA Conference 2018).

In an internal evaluation of our student leaders and campus climates, PISA is now transitioning from a student led organization (for 3-4 years) to a student centered leadership program. We are looking to recruit our first cohort this March 2018. After the PISA conference in February of 2018, we will announce applications for the first our first leadership cohort.


PISA Staff Support from OSU, UO, Clark, & PSU

The future of PISA is bright and growing. We are now fiscally sponsored by the Asian Pacific American Network of Oregon and the Samoan Pacific Development Corporation. As we continue to grow we hope you’ll help us develop new and exciting ways to provide critical knowledge, dynamic leadership and relationship building for our Student of Oceania.

Future goals include:

  • Making PISA an official 501c3
  • Supporting the development of a secondary education branch and Conference
  • Creating a MOU with Colleges/Universities to support and recognize PISA’s work with their Pacific Islander communities.

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