Dr.Trask and Makerusa

Dr.Trask and Makerusa

PISA started in 2007 in the state of Oregon. PISA was formed out of Portland State University when student leaders looked to improve relationships and representation of other Pacific Islander Student Groups. In short time PSU connected with Oregon State’s Polynesian Cultural Club and representatives from the University of Portland. For its first year PISA made great strides and created a lot of momentum for the next year.

In 2008, the founder of PISA left to Hawaii and PISA seemed to leave with him. However in early 2009, founder Makerusa Porotesano decided to postpone his masters to fulfill the dreams of PISA. Now in 2009-2010 PISA has extended its membership to Easter Oregon, University of Oregon, Portland Community College, Mt. Hood Community College, Portland State, Oregon State and University of Portland. It soon looks to connect with every college and university in the state of Oregon and hopefully to move into Washington within the next year.

On January 15th and 16th of 2010, PISA had their first Conference at Portland Community College (Sylvania Campus). It was a successful event, where students from all over the state were able to gather and meet. The Conference covered topics such as health, culture, and music.

On February 25th and 26th of 2011, PISA celebrated our second annual Conference at the University of Portland.  We celebrated with music, at food from familiar and new cultures and made friends from all over the Northwest.  The Conference held workshops that covered stereotypes, cultural conflict, significance of tattoos, economy, and more.  We were also fortunate enough to show two documentaries, “Unnatural Causes” and “Living Pono”.

With this coming year, we look forward to expanding PISA and reaching out to students all over the state of Oregon.

New Leaders of PISA

New Leaders of PISA


2 responses

8 11 2009
Joce Cabrera

Hey! I think it’s an honor to have Mak around (“being the founder of PISA”) helping us. Props to you Mak! Great job!!! 🙂

12 01 2010

Just wanted to post that y’all doing a good job, especially with catering to the needs and desires of Pacific Islander students who are away from their native homes. Props to Mak especially for spreading the gospel to us here in Hawaii – opened my eyes up a lot to what I myself can offer my people … have been putting it on hold while pursuing a higher education.

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